Super Asia – Electric Water Heater (EH610)

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  • 10 Gallons Tank Capacity
  • Metal Body
  • Imported Thermostat (Energy Saving)
  • 3 Brand GI Pipe (Long Lasting Durability)
  • Imported Galvanized Sheet (Rustproof Water Tank)
  • Leakage Proof (X-Ray Welding)
  • Red Oxide Coating (Enhanced Rust Protection)
  • Powder Coating (Acts As Weather Shield)
  • Imported Glass Wall Insulation

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SUPER ASIA Electric Heater EH610:

In Winter warm water is much needed for bathing washing dishes and clothes etc, and warming the water every time is a big headache. In order to free you from this tension, Super Asia presents you Super Asia Electric Heater EH610 which will provide you relaxing warm water every time you turn on your tap.

It has a 10-liter water storage tank enough for normal home use, along with an imported galvanized sheet for protecting the tank from rusting.

Heating may cause leakage and breaking off the tank, but no worries because Super Asia Electric heater EH610 is welded with an X-ray welding technique which makes it leakage proof.

To enhance the quality it is also coated with Red oxide coating which makes it more durable and rust-resistant. It is not only protected by inside but it is equally protected outside by the Powder coating technique which acts as a weather shield and makes it more resistant to the UV rays of the sun and other weather effects.

For water transportation, it is equipped with 3 Brand GI Pipe which is long-lasting and durable. Apart from all the specifications, Super Asia is also giving a 1-year warranty which ensures the quality and durability of the Super Asia Electric Heater Eh610.

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