Super Asia – Electric Heater (QH1010)

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  • 2 Powers Halogen Heating Elements
  • 1.8 Meter Cable Length
  • Stainless Steel Inside Cabinet
  • Heat Resistant Plastic Body
  • Base Safety Switch

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SUPER ASIA Electric Heater QH1010:

Low gas pressure or load shedding both get too frustrating in extreme winter weather requires a lot of effort in filling cylinder to make your room temperature warm to stay relax in. Super Asia electric heater qh1010 is here to solve all the problems of room heating equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient electric heat system that will quickly warm your room temperature by a few minutes of its operation.

Super Asia electric heater with the safety switch at the bottom is safer to use anywhere you want without worrying about any hazard or damage like any other electric heat.

Also, an energy-saving heater that will let you stop worrying about increasing electric bills design to provide more heat and save more on the other side.

Comes with 1.8-meter length cable, Super Asia electric heater says goodbye to damage and repair being equipped with strong cable and switch isn’t able to move comfortably by its length but melt free that is also safe for your plug too.

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