Sencor – Food Chopper (SHB4310)

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  • 0.61 Liter Capacity
  • Plastic Container Material
  • 1 Speed Setting
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Stainless Steel Chopping Blade
  • Rubber Anti-Slip Underlay (Serves As A Lid For Storage In Fridge)
  • Safety Switch

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Sencor – Food Chopper (SHB4310)

Cutting onion or tomatoes into pieces has been a lot of time-consuming along with using of knife that could even make it harder to cut fast and perfect. Sencor Food chopper suitable for your fruits, vegetable, and even mean will help you chop any kind of foods within seconds that is equipped with stainless steel chopping blades that make it even more efficient to use.

Sencor food chopper comes with a plastic container that is a dishwasher safe but also cracks and breaks a free plastic body that is more comfortable to use. Along with the ergonomic design that occupies less space but also adds charm to your kitchen environment at the same time.

Up to 0.61 liters of containers capacity, Sencor food chopper comes with a 1-speed setting system that enables you to chop more safely without worrying about wasting or turning your food or fruits getting powdered.

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