Philips – Air Fryer (HD9217)

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  • Fry, Roast, Grill, And Bake
  • Time And Temperature Control
  • Rapid Air Technology (Healthy Frying)
  • 30 Minutes Control Time
  • Cool Cover
  • Preserve Wire
  • Anti-Slip Feet

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Philips Air Fryer HD 9217

Due to low gas pressure, it becomes hard to cook tasty and fast. But now cooking became more comfortable with the Philips air fryer HD 9217 that will cook anything for you by just a few minutes of its operation lets you stop worrying about low gas pressure.

Philips air fryer HD 9217 comes with the cool cover that allows you to touch relax along with dishwasher safe feature that is free of worrying about any damage or arising of repair problems with its preserve wire that is safer to wash and carry out the cooking process.

With the anti-slip feet, Philips air fryer promise in cooking comfortably without getting slip during the food mixing process using your spoon along with the time and temperature control system that allows you to set your desire temperature setting required by your favorite food.

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