NasGas – Heater (001-Deluxe)

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  • Auto Ignition
  • Portable Handle
  • Smart And Stylish
  • Cool To Touch
  • Single Large Burner

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NasGas Heater Deluxe 001:

In winter everyone needs the heated room environment, to resist them from the chilling winter cool winds. To tackle the chilling winds of the winter season, Nasgas Heater provides the best heating experience and gives you the warmth you need in icy cold weather.

NasGas has always provided the best and affordable home appliances every time, so continuing its rein NasGas presents NasGas gas heater deluxe 001 with a smart and stylish tower design increasing the beauty of your room. Nasgas heater works on Gas that takes less space in the room and provides maximum heat to all corner of the room.

As the heater is operational for a longer period of time so it gets very hot and cannot be touched, but NasGas heater 001 deluxe remains cool and By its portable handle, it can be carried everywhere without burning your hand.

The quality of a heater can be determined by the burning plate that it possesses, as most of the local heaters use lower quality burning plates which not only gives bad gas smell but also wastes the  gas by less heating power but NasGas does not, as it has the best quality front single burning plate which radiates maximum heat in all directions, converting all gas into heat and burning, so no wastage of gas.

Apart from all the  qualities, NasGas also gives you a 1-year warranty which ensures the quality of the  Nasgas heater

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