NasGas – Built-In Oven (NG500)

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  • Thermostatically Controlled Oven
  • Fully Functional Grilling
  • Double Function (Gas And Electric)

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NasGas Built-in Oven NG500

Tired of continuous load shedding or experience a lot problem in gas pressure that could often lead to sleep hungry even depressed to not cook your special dish too.

But, NasGas built-in oven comes in both electrical and gas oven that facilitate you with the best cooking and heating your favorite dishes so far.

NasGas built-in oven is fully efficient thermostatically controlled that lets you set the desired temperature required by different dishes that need to be cooked in.

With the non-stop function, NasGas built-in offers you more with its grilling function that allows you to grill your favorite foodstuff with the non-stop function ease your life of cooking.

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