NasGas – Super Deluxe Stove (1088)



  • 2 Burner
  • Auto Ignitor
  • Double Steel
  • Large Body
  • Heavy Ring
  • Plastic Knob
  • Cast Iron Burner
  • Natural Gas

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Cooking becomes a headache especially when you have burners that cannot tolerate high weight utensils. But, now NasGas stove is here to cook everything for you comfortably by its stainless steel body equipped with double steel burners that allows you to put large utensils comfortably carry out cooking on a large scale.

NasGas stove comes with a 2 burners stove that able to cook both of your favorite food at the same time along with the soft plastic knob that is easy to turn on and off with the auto ignitor that lets you say goodbye using matches.

With the ability to cook on large scale, NasGas stove apart from wide-body design occupies less space and volume that feels more relaxing when it comes to keeping anywhere in your kitchen along with less use of your gas that even saves a lot in your gas bills as well.


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