NasGas – Built-In Gas Hob (111BK)



  • Wide Body Design
  • Grey And Glossy Color
  • Non-Magnetic Steel Top
  • 3 Heavy Efficient Burners
  • Grey Cast Iron Grid/Trivets

In stock

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Cooking feels very tiring all when you have gas hob with just 2 burners that are small in size and hardly tolerate large size utensils. NasGas gas hob is here to support you in carrying out large scale cooking comfortably by allowing you to put large utensils on it great cast iron trivets that able to handle and tolerate more weigh as you want.

NasGas gas hob equipped with 3 heavy efficient burners that not only allow you to just cook at once but also make tea by its mini-sized burner perfect not for tea but any small scale cooking.

Non-magnetic steel top, NasGas gas hob gives your kitchen cabinet a new shiny look that is way more suitable and perfect for both large and small size kitchens.


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