Haier DC Inverter HSU-12SNS - RED - 1.0 Ton

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EMI RET107960

Key Features:

• A-PAM DC Inverter Technology
• One Touch Cleaning
• 12000 BTU
• LED Visual
• Active PFC technology
• Work upto 52(T3 condition)
• Environment Friendly Refrigerant - R410a


A-PAM DC Inverter technology

A-PAM inverter technology Fix the communication frequency between indoor and outdoor at 180Hz that allow compressor to work smoothly and vibration free in case of Voltage fluctuation.

One Touch Cleaning

Haier Innovative "One Touch Cleaning" system that self-cleans your Air Conditioner proficiently. Its Cold Compression Technology Effectively Clean the Evaporator by Simply pressing a "Self Clean" button starts the self-cleaning process and takes away all your regular cleaning and maintenance worries. It also features a Healthy Air Flow option that allows the airflow to be adjusted so as not to blow directly on your body.

46°C Full BTU

Haier Innovative Design and Technology provides what you paid for. Full BTU even at 46°c hot outdoor ambient ensures full cooling capacity of the BTU rating mentioned on the product without any loss of cooling efficiency.

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