Dawlance HEALTH ZONE PLUS 15 - CHAMPAGNE - 1.0 Ton

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EMI RET103032
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T3 technology that ensures proper cooling even at 52 C.

Key Features:

  • Pollution detector
  • Mosquito Repellent Technology
  • Ionizer that cleans and refreshes the air
  • Big size compressor
  • Faster cooling
  • Evaporator Cleaning feature
  • Filter clean warning system
  • Digital Protection device- protects AC from voltage fluctuation (180V-250V)


Health Zone Plus range also offers cutting-edge features such as the Mosquito repellent feature is effective even when the AC is off ,It is equipped with an anti-rust condense has wire-less remote access and also auto-start function making it an all-encompassing cooling machine. Healthy lifestyle is just a button away! Dawlance’s new Health zone Plus range of air conditioners are equipped with chemical-free Mosquito Repellent Technology so that you can sleep peacefully and wake up fresh & healthy! Say goodbye to harmful coils and mosquito repellents and bring Dawlance Health Zone Plus home to experience convenience at its best.

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