Dawlance – Electric Kettle (7100)

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  • Heat Resistant (Plastic Body)
  • 1 Liter Capacity
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Indicator Light

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Dawlance Electric Kettle

Low gas pressure is what leads to getting late to your office or even doing homework too. You barely work comfortably without taking tea which then leads you to mistakes more often in your homework or office.

Dawlance electric kettle DWEK7100 is here solving this headache by preparing tea quickly without even taking a lot of time with its powerful heating panel.

Dawlance electric kettle DWEK7100 is an energy-efficient electric kettle that will ease your life saving you a lot of electric costs hence keep providing your perfect tea or coffee.

In its 1 liter of capacity, Dawlance electric kettle DWEK7100 not only just makes tea for you but also serves your guests as well by having a heating resister black plastic body lets you spend time with your guest also have an automatic switch-off function.


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