Orient Inverter OS-13AF4 IN-HC - 1.0 Ton

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EMI RET103258

Key Features:

• Capacity: 1.0 Ton
• AC Design: Wall Mount
• AC Functionality: Cooling & Heating

Orient DC Inverter

Orient DC Inverter is a revolution in Air-Conditioning technology. Features like Heat and Cool, Low Voltage Operation and Energy Saving make this AC one of the best machines available in the market. 

For all weather

Winter or summer Orient DC Inverter the Heat & Cool function of the AC serves you all year round. 

Powerful Cooling

Advanced inverter technology along with extended air-throw and multi-bend heat exchanger make cooling efficient. 

Low Voltage Operation

Orient DC Inverter has the capacity to work on voltage as low as 140v. Low voltage operation makes it the most reliable AC available in the market. 

Small Generator/UPS

Innovative Inverter technology requires low torque that enables it to run on low capacity generators and UPS. 

Eco Friendly

Due to its energy efficiency and nature friendly refrigerant gas the AC protects environment as well as purifies your room atmosphere. 

Turbo Mode

A powerful boost gives you an extra amount of cooling anytime you want.

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